I am leaving tumblr. I have considered it for a while, and now think it is for the best. I no longer enjoy myself here. I am self-conscious and anxious, dreading every time I log in. I tried to motivate myself to work on replies, but I have no muse for them. Not here. I will not go into detail, though I would like to thank everyone who talked to and rped with me. It means a lot. Though this account has become a burden for me recently. I will keep this account up as an archive of sorts. And If anyone wishes to stay in contact, message me and I’ll give you my email or Skype. Again, thanks to everyone who has showed me kindness! I hope you all are well and happy and have fun rping.

New headcanon. Nick’s last name is Bishop. If anyone knows why, you’re awesome!

by Bastille + 1,143 plays

oh you go to sleep on your own
and you wake each day with your thoughts
and it scares you being alone
it’s a last resort

all you want is someone to whom you can cling

*fills box with even more love than is possible to fit within this box*


In Silence - Lucifer/Nick